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Gun violence has been an on going problem in American society. Guns have been shown to be easy accessible either through black market sells and even legally. Monitoring who posses these deadly weapons has been problematic throughout American history. Guns have been used to draw attention or to make a point by different individuals. Gun violence in schools from elementary school all the way college and mass murders is becoming more common as the years go by. In this blog we will be exploring the different effects gun violence has had on our communities and country as a whole. Also we will be reviewing the different measures and laws instituted in order to control this issue that progressively gets worse year by year.


One thought on “Our Topic

  1. Within 6 months I lost two people that were very close to me to gun violence, so this issue is something that really triggers my conscience. I agree that something needs to be done to regulate who is able to obtain a gun. It’s even fairly easy to get a gun permit, even though most people who have guns, especially in urban areas get them illegally. It’s controversial though because what if someone feels that they really need a gun to protect themselves? Who’s to tell them that they can’t get one… The issue has many disputable facets but I hope something is done soon to fix the problem that our generation/ future generations face.

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