Ariel Woolfolk


My name is Ariel Woolfolk and I am a senior at the University of Maryland. I have a passion for sports, specifically basketball, and I am working toward becoming a sports reporter for an NBA team. Gun violence is an ongoing issue in America’s society and when I have my own children I want them to feel safe wherever they are, especially in schools. The recent mass murders is has called for law makers and citizens to take a stand to correct this problem. I want to explore what has been done about this issue and things that are left to be done.


Chris Sakyi


Hi I’m Sakyi, Senior Communications: General Studies Major.  I am from Lanham, MD.  I went to boarding school most of my life so I have experienced a lot of diversity in my life.  My career goal is to work with a sports team, specifically basketball in the game operations department with the Miami Heat! My stance on gun violence is that the Govt needs a more efficient way of controlling who can purchase guns.  I personally think the price to purchase guns should increase significantly , so that it does not fall into the common man a lot easier.