Keith Bowers

Whats up my name is Keith Bowers i’m a sophomore student athlete at the University of Maryland. I am from West Palm beach County, Florida.  I’m currently studying communications. In my view we need to find a way to stop the gun violence. In my lifetime i have seen three friends fall to gun violence and my little brother imprisoned because of it.   STOP THE VIOLENCE


John Webster

Hello. My name is John Webster. I am a senior Communication major. I am from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. I am an avid sports lover and plan to become a sports agent in the near future. I complete the other half of my team partner Taryn as I am Jay-Z’s biggest fan.!Image

Donald Morrison

MeWelcome to the thoughts and views on gun violence from myself, Donald Morrison, and my fellow peers.  I’m currently a senior from Queens, NY, anticipating a degree in Communication here at the University of Maryland.  Our university, as well as our nation, have been dealing with various unfortunate events lately due to the misuse of guns.  Our nation was founded with the use of guns and today it seems as if it’s leading to our downfall. I’ve been personally losing friends since I was 14 due to gun violence all because the gun ended up in the hands of the wrong person.  So, we’re here to keep you updated with information surrounding  gun violence, feel free to contribute to the conversation and enjoy.

Taryn Pope

Hello, My name is Taryn Pope. I am a Senior Communications major who is in love with sports and Beyonce. I am from Bowie, MD and have one younger brother. When it comes to gun violence, I personally get extremely passionate and upset because I have loss people I know to gun violence. It’s a serious issue in our community especially amongst our youth. It seems as though, any day anyone can have a gun, and if you don’t have one, you probably aren’t safe. I believe if the government creates a more efficient way to control who is carrying a gun, it can help prevent the amount of parents that unfortunately have to bury their children.