Georgia & Gun Laws


Due to gun violence and several massacres contributed to guns many states are finding ways to instill heavier restrictions on their guns laws. States see that they can play a major role in lowering the distribution of guns to the wrong people. The people who have been repetitive offenders in the recent massacres were diagnosed with a mental illness. With this fact known it would make sense to put heavier limitation on the access of guns to the mentally ill. Georgia, on the hand, seems to not have this same mindset.

The officials in Georgia voted 117-56 to allow people who have voluntarily sought medical attention for a mental illness or substance abuse to be able to get a license to carry a weapon. The article on also states that Georgia is seeking to allow people to carry weapons in churches, bars and college campuses. In their defense for allowing people who have checked themselves into the hospital, the bill sponsor, Rep. Rick Jasperse states, “Simply being hospitalized doesn’t make a person a criminal or a threat”. Although this statement can be true with the recent gun violence events continuous occurring, gun control should be monitored with proper precautions, especially with those who have known mental illness.

Allowing people to carry weapons with them in churches, bars and college campus can be extremely dangerous. Those three places are where people’s emotions tend to heighten especially when alcohol is involved. Alcohol is known to decrease a person ability to rationally think or respond in any situations. Permitting guns in a place where people are known to act irrationally is simply stupid. College campus and school institutions in generals have been a targeted for mentally disturbed people to lash out. Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook are recent school institutions where massacres took place. Georgia should reevaluate their new laws and ideas on gun control. They should reflect on events where gun violence was involved and try to come up with way to prevent these types of actions from happening



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