Obama Believe in Change

Remarks by President Obama on Gun Violence


On March 28th 2013, President Barack Obama gave his remarks on the upcoming voting status of the Gun Violence Bill he is trying to pass this year.  The conversation begins with a normal citizen giving her life story as to how she lost a student to the Virginia Tech shootings that took place.  After addressing other shootings such as Sandy that occurred this year, she invites president Obama to speak.

Obama opens up by speaking about how unfortunately; the teen that lost her life at Virginia tech was not the only one.  The pain families feel never really goes away and sticks with you until you are ready to move on and accept what occurred.  Obama, who also has two kids of his own, empathizes with those who have lost children and want to increase the gun laws that the US has placed on people.  Obama is attempting to do so thorough congress where they will hopefully pass the bill.  I think besides Obama being elected, this would mean a lot to the black community because so many families have been destroyed and taken away because of them.  Obama’s suggestion was that we increase the amount of background checks we run on buyers.  So many guns have been victims of teens buying guns because there was a lack of information on the buyer? Many buyers have and these are in most cases, the people using these items for harm.

I think Obama’s speech brings up a good point about our topic of gun violence.  He expresses that the time for action is now and that we should not continue to watch another shooting where lives are lost to want to do something.  Another great point brought up with this article is the credibility when determining if gun violence is an issue or not.  You could hear from your friends and families that guns are becoming an issue, but then the message changes when Obama, the President of the United States makes that same statement.  It goes from being a joke, to a harm or danger to not be afraid of and an issue which this team feels strongly your degree.


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