Our Final Thoughts.

Overall, our group believes that it is extremely important to control gun violence for the safety of our youth and our Country. Each and every day innocent people lose lives due to improper use of weapons. Innocent people are getting shot in schools, kindergarten kids wont ever get a chance to live out their dreams due to an individual having guns in his home and using them for the wrong reasons. The numbers are outrageous. It is as if it is a norm to walk around carrying a loaded weapon now days. Everyone feels threatened and unfortunately it is a ripple effect. One person has a gun, and then the next person feels as though they need a gun and so forth. It’s going to take a prominent leader to really stand up in order to control guns. 

We believe that it is still important to allow guns in the home, however we believe that children should not know where the guns are in the home. We believe that your home is the only place where one should feel threatened to the extent that they have to use an armed weapon. Even when the weapon is in the house we believe that it should be on lock at all times. In a perfect world gun laws for follow this proposition. 

We believe that the first steps people should take is parents should remove guns from the homes or at least have them in a safe place at the same time. Secondly people should support common-sense gun safety measure for the nation. Next it is imperative to help state and local governments protect children from guns. We also believe that we should boycott products that glamorize violence. It is also extremely important to pay close attention to the number of children killed and injured by gun violence. Children usually make people pay attention. It takes innocent  lives for people to wake up and smell the coffee. 

All in all, we believe that it is important for individuals to be able to own a weapon in order to keep their families safe and feel comfortable within their homes. Otherwise, guns should be completely illegal and off of the streets and we should be taking every action possible to make this happen. Violence is just going to continue to get worst if we don’t take the necessary actions now. 


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