NRA Tries To Use Stats In Their Favor

NRA Tries To Use Stats In Their Favor 

Last month, channel 8 news in Las Vegas released an article online detailing the statistical arguments that the National Rifle Association used against more gun control.  The NRA is arguing that legally owned firearms are not the cause of most of the gun related violence in our nation.  They reported in January that since 1991 violence crime has “decreased 49 percent and the murder rate dropped 52 percent” even with 120 million privately-owned firearms added to the streets. They also argued that there are 12 times more murders with fists, hands, blunt objects and knives than with rifles in order to refute the arguments made condemning guns. The article also noted that assault weapons were used in only 1 to 2 percent of violent crimes reported fueling their argument that assault weapons aren’t the problem.  The NRA believe more so that people kill people and guns don’t.  But even with the numbers that they released in this article they still haven’t refuted the fact that these guns that are sold legally ends up in the hands of criminals illegally.  According to the article, the “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives stated in 1991 that 79 percent of armed career criminals obtained firearms from street sales, criminal acts, associates and relatives, rather than from legal channels.” The fact that so many career criminals are accessing these guns illegally is a problem. We have a problem with guns as a whole in our nation, wether it is sold illegally or legally, once it’s in the hands of the wrong person, bad things can happen.  Gun reform must happen in order for our nation to reduce gun related violence.  Numbers can be used to argue for or against guns but at the end of the day the lives lost due to gun violence is one too many.

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But as you read this article keep in mind that the NRA are pro-gun regardless of what happens in this nation and Nevada is one of the few states that allows felons to still obtain guns legally, so they are also pro-gun.\